Maude Fraizer Society

Acknowledging the Present, While Promising the Future

The Maude Fraizer Society is the UNLV Foundation's way of saying "Thank You!" It is an honorary society of donors who made planned gifts through the UNLV Foundation to benefit the University of Nevada, Las Vegas and its programs.

Membership in the Maude Fraizer Society is open to anyone making a deferred gift to the university through the UNLV Foundation, regardless of the gift amount. Such planned gifts are gratefully accepted and appreciated. Although many of these gifts to the university will emerge years or even decades from now, the UNLV Foundation Board of Trustees wanted an immediate and formal way to recognize the generosity of alumni and other friends who designate UNLV as a beneficiary in their estate plans or wills.

Maude Fraizer Society members receive invitations to special UNLV receptions and events throughout the year and a subscription to Generations, the UNLV Foundation's estate planning newsletter. They also receive a subscription to UNLV Magazine and receive special correspondence from UNLV, including campus updates.

If you believe that you already qualify for membership in the Maude Fraizer Society, or if you would like additional information on planned gifts to UNLV, please contact Bud Beekman at 702-895-2841 or

Maude FrazierWho Is the Immortal Maude Frazier?

And here’s why UNLV’s legacy society is being named in her honor

This fall, the UNLV Foundation renamed its recognition society that honors donors who make planned or estate gifts, The Maude Frazier Society. “It is fitting that Maude Frazier’s name is remembered and celebrated,” says UNLV Foundation President Rickey N. McCurry. “Her quest to elevate public education was legion.”

Maude Frazier arrived at her first teaching job in Nevada in 1906.

She spent 15 years as a teacher and school principal in mining communities like Genoa, Lovelock, Beatty, Sundog, and Sparks. In 1921, she was selected to be state deputy secretary of schools, the first female in that role.

She later became superintendent of the Las Vegas Union School District and principal of Las Vegas High School in 1927.

After more than 40 years as a public-school teacher and administrator, Frazier retired in 1947, only to return to a life of public service in 1950 when she was elected to the Nevada state legislature. She is credited with fundraising and securing appropriations to establish a branch of the state university in Las Vegas.

To commemorate her leadership role in launching Nevada Southern University, the precursor to UNLV, Maude Frazier Hall opened on campus on September 10, 1957.

“Maude charted the course of public education in Nevada,” says McCurry. “People who pledge gifts to UNLV in their wills or estate plans are creating their own legacies that will make education accessible for future generations.”