Reaching Higher Through Scholarship

Edward and Elizabeth Gordon

Edward and Elizabeth Gordon

Sometimes what seems like a casual conversation between teacher and student has an indelible impact. That is what happened when a young Edward Gordon was coming down the stairs in junior high school carrying an armload of library books. A teacher stopped to encourage him, "keep reading and always reach for a higher level." Gordon, now long retired and living in Oregon, says that conversation that took place more than 65 years ago made a difference in how he thought about himself and his education. A child of the Great Depression, Gordon went to work right out of high school and didn't have a chance to go to college. But believing in the power of education to turn-around the lives of young people, Gordon and his wife will give opportunity to others through the Edward and Elizabeth Gordon Scholarship Endowment at UNLV.

The scholarship will be funded through the Gordons' estate. Scholarships at Ohio State and the University of Oregon are also included in their plan. Edward and Elizabeth Gordon lived in Las Vegas for 14 years after they both retired from careers at Nationwide Insurance in Ohio and were active volunteers in the community.

"My wife and I wanted to do something positive for the three cities that we have called 'home,'" Gordon explains. "We feel good about what we're doing and know that it will continue to make a difference long into the future."

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